11 in 2011

These aren’t just any dishes, people. We’re not talking about a new pasta dish or loaf of banana bread. These are downright special and homemade dishes–all from scratch. These are the 11 for me. Doubtless I will meet failure and disaster on my way, but the challenge is to finish these all–successfully–by the end of the year.

Let the journey begin.

The Eleven

  1. Gnocchi Completed!
  2. Monkey Bread Completed!
  3. Layer Cake (At least 3 layers; bonus points for a vertical layer cake)
  4. Homemade Pretzels (I failed miserably with my last attempt. It’s time to right my mistake)
  5. Soufflé
  6. Chicken Rollantini (No breadcrumbs or coating allowed; must be healthy. This is also an excuse to learn how to properly butterfly chicken.)
  7. Homemade Ice Cream (The good stuff) Completed!
  8. Homemade Greek Yogurt
  9. French Onion Soup
  10. The Perfect Fudge
  11. The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

4 thoughts on “11 in 2011

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  3. I came across your blog with the help of the “40 formidable food bloggers” article (you’re on it if you don’t know), and I think your blog is fabulous. It’s hilarious and interesting, and I love that even though you’re 17, you’re blogging about food. Pretty cool.

    SO, let’s scratch some of these items of your to-do-list. Monkey bread is SUPER EASY and I have recipe on my blog http://www.clearlydeliciousfoodblog.com . Just search for the sticky yummy stuff. But I have no idea how to make greek yogurt. Please tell me when/if you find the perfect recipe!

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