Rest in Peace, Jordan Weiss

On Friday night, Jordan Weiss–a loyal friend, a son, a big brother to two, an impeccable student, and an all-around amazing kid–passed away.

For all who knew him, this has been a weekend of tears; a weekend of remembrance; a weekend of shock and emotion. A tumultuous weekend where the flow of time has been distorted, where being awake and cognisant has felt like a nightmare. A weekend of most profound lost. Most of all, it has been a weekend of appreciation for the life Jordan led and for the life of every single person on this planet.

Personally, this has been a weekend of wandering. I’ve been to at least ten distinct places in the past two days, congregating with friends and people going through the same grief, mourning the loss and laughing and smiling about the good memories we all share of Jordan. I’ve walked out of my house after having the biggest and, really, the only fight I’ve ever had with my parents and somehow made my way to “the spot” where it all happened.

I have been searching. For what, I do not know yet. I may never find out.

Stop what you are doing right now. Drop everything you think may seem important. Tell your mom, your dad, your significant other, or whomever that you love them. Hug your sibling. Kiss your children. Make them know that they are loved and that they matter. If anything, that’s what I have learned from this ordeal.

It takes a second for it all to slip away. Cherish every moment you spend with someone you care about and treat every goodbye like it’s the last time you will see that person you love.

Jordan, this tragedy has made each and every one of the people who knew you a different person. We are forever changed not because of your death but because of you. We miss you more than anyone could fathom. You were taken too soon from this earth but will remain in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives–mark my words.

Rest in peace, my friend. I’m sure that you’re kickin’ it in heaven like you did down here; save some spots for us, we want to kick it alongside you when our time comes.


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