Who is Fudge?

It only makes sense that with a last name like Fudge, I’d love food. It’s just a matter of having time for this love in the middle of everything else going on in this hectic life of a 17-year old high school senior.

If I’m not doing homework, worrying about college applications, spending time with Girlfriend, walking the dog, dealing with my student and choir councils, rehearsing for my school productions, singing in my a cappella group, reading up on the brain and the nervous system, working at Jinky’s, or getting a chance to breathe and/or function, I’m cooking up a new recipe or an old favorite of mine.

I come from a household with hardly any food traditions, unless frozen tuna noodle casserole and steamed veggies count as “traditional.” Therefore, I take it upon myself to create a “food culture” of my own to live by and share with my friends and family. I don’t bog myself down in a certain region or genre; usually, I cook whatever I can think of that I can make with what’s in the fridge and pantry at the time.

Now you know Fudge: Student. Aspiring Music Neuroscientist. Singer. Host & Cashier. Boyfriend. Foodie. Blogger? We’ll see.

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