Fudge, The Intern (Part VI): Second Taste Test Round-Up

You saw the pictures yesterday. You know you want them. Now let’s get down to business.

Lemon Bars

Your standard but oh-so-much-better lemon bar. The lemon bar is beautifully tangy, erring on the more solid side as consistency goes (versus the more “liquidy” or “jammy” versions of lemon bars), keeping its shape well. The lemon filling is accompanied with a satisfying crumble by the shortbread crust on the bottom, the flavor of which offsets some of the sweetness. All in all, a very well-rounded dessert.

Chocochino Cupcake

This is probably my favorite combination of cupcake (chocolate) and frosting (cappuccino) from the bakery.  The semisweet coffee flavor in the buttercream brings out and compliments the dark, intense flavor of the chocolate cake, resulting in a very grown-up version of the cupcake we all know and love.

Also, Forget about this particular picture; Girlfriend and I didn’t care about the looks of this cupcake when it was in our mouths :).

Vanilla Cupcake with Cappucilla Buttercream

If chocolate cake and cappuccino frosting is my favorite combination, the vanilla cake is my favorite standalone component of the three standard flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. Guys, this is vanilla, without question. The flavor is absolutely there and spot on, and your palate will dive headfirst into a sea of fluffy, moist vanilla. Also, cappucilla buttercream? That’s the vanilla and cappuccino buttercreams that got mixed while I was practicing. A serendipitous combination, I say! It’s like eating a vanilla cappuccino.

Oreo Brownie

The bakery’s incredibly moist, deliciously fudgey brownie studded with pieces of Oreo cookies. Now, who has a problem with that combination?

Currant Scone

I didn’t get any of the currants, as I only took a tiny slice to try it before I gave the rest to my mum, so I’ll talk about the general scone itself–and what a scone it was. Nothing like your store-bought or day-old scone, this had just the right amount–but barely any–crunch on the outside, a slightly sugary taste before giving way to an absolutely delicate and tender center. This was probably my favorite of the bunch because it was barely sweet and was a joy to eat.

Coconut/Dream Bar

A teeny bit dry (perhaps because it had been sitting out for an hour or two, but very awesome nonetheless. Layer after layer of goodness: toasted sweetened coconut flakes, walnuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and a nice crunchy shortbread crust. This morsel was gone in seconds.


Now, for the last sweet of the round-up!

So, I don’t know what this is. It has chocolate. It’s got some powdered sugar on top.  It tastes…different. Other than that, though, I’ve got nothing. More on this one later.

Well, that’s it for the second taste test round-up! Tune in tomorrow for another day at the bakery.

Convenience (Rice Cooker Coconut Oatmeal)

Putting great amounts of time, love, and effort into cooking a great meal is always great, but sometimes you really just don’t have that time and effort to make some food in a hurry.

I love to create recipes which allow me to create great flavor with minimal effort, and this is definitely one of them. Using your handy-dandy rice cooker, you can create fluffy, warm, and scrumptious oatmeal in no time! There are basically 4 steps: Pour, pour, press, and scoop. It’s just a great recipe for any student, parent, or worker on the go. Read more to see the recipe and to learn why it is so darn simple!

Also, before you do that, big news: I start my internship at a local bakery tomorrow! 🙂 I will be blogging about my experience there for the next two weeks and will try to get a new post up every day about the bakery or about a new recipe. Now, onwards to the recipe!

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Late (Coconut Cupcakes)

I made my mom’s favorite cupcakes for mother’s day: Coconut cupcakes!

Oh wait, did you just say that it’s May 16th? No, I’m even anywhere close to the actual date of Mother’s Day? This post has no relevance anymore?

Great. Just wonderful. Thanks a lot man, you just put a damper on my whole blog post. Well, here’s some frickin’ cupcakes, I guess.

WAIT. That will NOT bring me down. You know why? Because it was officially my last day of high school today, and what a day it was. Sunrise Period Choir: Crepes and pancakes. A Period AP Math: Preparation for a lesson on cooking and chemistry for B Period AP Chemistry which included freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (my latest iteration in my search for the perfect recipe!) from the school kitchen. C Period Free: Pokemon battles (sorry, I’m a nerd). Lunch: Senior waterfight. F Period AP English: Cake. G Period AP Government: Video game trailers. H Period Workout: Intense weight lifting session for the above reasons.

This is how I teach Chemistry. With style, obviously.

Alright, now it’s time to talk about these awesome cupcakes. Surprisingly, it was my first attempt at making cupcakes and frosting from scratch! Odd, I know, you and I both would have thought I had done this before. The cake is amazingly moist and fluffy without being dense while the frosting perfectly compliments the cake with its equally decadent and creamy texture and flavor. The coconut is not an overbearing presence but in perfect harmony with the vanilla in the mixture. All in all, a great first try at cupcakes!

If you baked or cooked something for you mom this mother’s day, tell me in the comments section!

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