Good Food (Coconut Curry Chicken and Garlic Chicken Gyoza)

What a delicious week this has been.

First off, as you all know if you have been reading along, I’ve been interning at a bakery all week where delicious pastries of all sizes and shapes abound. Goodness, have I had my fair share of test tastings and sweets during the last week.

I’ve also been cooking up some more extravagant dishes in the kitchen as of late with the free time I have away from school. This free time has been an absolute gift; not only have I found time to care of so many things on my to-do list, but I’ve had time to dive into some dishes I have been waiting to cook up.

Also, as you may also know if you have been reading along, this was prom weekend for me, meaning a great dinner — filet mignon, chicken, sweet potato souffle, creme brulee — at prom and a scrumptious breakfast with friends and Girlfriend (you can see of what breakfast I’m talking about below and in this post).

With all these sweets from the bakery and elsewhere, my sweet taste buds are starting to get a bit tired out. My saving grace? Coconut Curry Chicken and Garlic Chicken gyoza I prepared and froze about two weeks ago, ready to be steamed or pan-fried at will.

These gyoza were incredibly fun to make (and very time-consuming, but I already told you that I have lots of time on my hands nowadays) because I started with some gyoza wrappers I bought, excess coconut milk and garlic, a fridge-full of ingredients, and no recipe in hand. I have to say, these gyoza definitely turned out very well for my first time preparing them, considering I was cooking off the cuff (off the top of my, umm, chef’s hat? But I digress…). The chicken delicately poached in a combination of coconut milk and curry is just awesome and, well, who doesn’t like garlic and chicken? I mean, come on, that combination was born a winner.

Here’s to another week of deliciousness–albeit, a bit further towards the healthier side :P.

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It’s Been A Long Time (Homemade Gnocchi)

Long time no see, people! It’s been much too long since my last post. I, uh, the reason it has been so long is well…

…I just forgot to post for a while.

The other day I visited the farmer’s market to buy some beautiful veggies and herbs for dinner and for the rest of the week. I got home, prepared my wonderfully simple dinner, snapped a couple of pictures, and suddenly I thought, “Oh. OH. BLOG. Didn’t I post last weeke–no. The weekend befo–wait, no…whoops.”

What $3 can buy you at the farmer's market: Chicken Kebab ($2), Ear of Corn (.75¢), Mixed Greens (.25¢)

Yeah. Lame, I know. For that, I am so sorry, readers.

Readers, you deserve something better than a post once in three weeks, because, readers, you are all awesome.  For that reason, I did something special for you all: homemade gnocchi.

You know, gnocchi! Those little riveted mini potato dumplings/pasta you order at a nice italian restaurant? Yeah, those things. Now sprinkle some love, elbow grease–no potato ricer or food mill in here, people–and homemade on that gnocchi and you’ve got a masterpiece. I think the sheer fact that this gnocchi is from scratch elevates its texture–soft, pillowy, dreamy–and subtle flavor to a new level.

Be nice to your gnocchi: use a good-quality pasta sauce like the Rao's arrabiata sauce I used.

Pasta from scratch–especially gnocchi–has been on my list to make for a long time. I keep a Moleskine journal on me at all times and my list of dishes to cook and bake has been growing and growing. Thus, I thought I would start a little feature called 11 in 2011. Click on the link to learn about it!

Now, let us begin the healing process, readers. Have some gnocchi. Okey…gnocchi? HAH! 😀

Sorry. That may have hurt more than it helped.

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Plans (Roasted Purple Cauliflower and Broccoli & Turkey Meatballs)

Plans have a funny way of turning into something completely unplanned.

Sometimes you spend two hours preparing food for a bike ride to and picnic at the local park, and sometimes that park and bike ride becomes an indoor picnic on your bed with a picnic blanket, Regina Spektor in the background, and a ravenous labrador retriever hounding you for a bite to eat.

Sometimes you bike after you have an indoor picnic and then decide to come back and play Halo with Girlfriend because she insists upon blasting me upside the face with a plasma gun (Score: Fudge 17, Girlfriend 0…sorry, Girlfriend 😉 ).

Authentic, delicious mochi balls from a little Japanese/Korean market down the street for dessert.

Maybe you need to take Girlfriend home right away but really want a frozen lemonade so you stop at 7-11 for a Coke slurpee.

Maybe you were really excited for the plans you made and thought it was perfect.

Well, maybe they were; deviating from plans, however, made my day that much more perfect. Oh, that and the fact that I made turkey meatballs and found purple cauliflower at the farmer’s market. Purple cauliflower, people.

Did I mention it’s purple?

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