Friends (Strawberry Gelato)

If you have friends like the ones I have, then you are one lucky person.

I’m talking about friends who will pick you up when you’re stuck at home in the rain with only a bike to get you around. I’m also talking about friends with whom you can have a philosophical conversation on the psychology of social relations while massacring wave after wave of alien invaders on the television screen in front of you. I’m talking about friends who are artists, rhetors, future politicians, athletes, or just downright cool.

Friend who are foodies, friends who would rather have a Big Mac than a peppercorn-encrusted New York strip steak with a red wine reduction; friends who enjoy cooking with you and friends who just like to eat the food you make.

Moreover, I’ve got friends who I not only appreciate but who appreciate me, so much so that on a rare occasion they will buy you an ice cream maker–because they remember talking with you about it a few months back–to say “thanks.”

For that, I’m one lucky guy.

Either that, or they all like me for the free food they get when they’re with me. I try not to think about that one, though.

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Because… (Monkey Bread)

Monkey bread.

Because the most conducive thing to learning and studying for the AP Literature & Composition exam is obviously sharing this messy, gooey, sugary finger food with my whole class. It was damn tasty, though. It made studying that much better, picking off one bite after another during class.

Because it is on my list.

Because I’ve been on a sugar kick for the past…umm…yeah, I’ve lost track of that one.

Because there is no reason not to bake it.

See the Pac-Man oven mitt in the background? Yeah, I thought I smelled jealousy coming through the screen.

(About that sugar kick, can someone please give me suggestions on how to kick the kick? I’d love to hear something useful other than the “cold turkey” technique; that usually ends with me binging on chocolate and other sweet amazingness which defeats the whole purpose.)

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Time (Candied Orange Peels)


So much time.

Time dragged on like no other while I was cashiering today, at least. What with 3rd quarter of Senior year ending and Spring break beginning, time seems like an immense void in front of me. As the college acceptances roll in, I can see time extending into different directions, paths, possibilities, extending itself into whole different lives of which one I can be a part.

For some reason, this picture reminds of fish. But that's not very appetizing. Let's just forget I said anything.

When the first out-of-state acceptance letter arrived, it nearly knocked the wind out of me–not because the acceptance surprised me (it was a safety school), but because of the realization that I’m officially moving on across the country. My life will soon extend outside my familiar Southern-California-centric bubble. Yet as time stretches before me, it suddenly occurs to me that time is ticking away faster than I ever thought possible in the only moment that really matters: the present.

Cliché as it may be, there is no time like the present. If there is one lesson I have learned after the trials and tribulations of the year past (perhaps a certain post I wrote a few months back will be a refresher to you all), it definitely is that. Soon, I’ll be away from the comfort of my cozy room, sleeping in a twin bed, sharing a dorm with some other stranger who may become a new best friend. Soon, I’ll be saying “see you soon” (never “goodbye”) to coworkers, to friends, to Girlfriend, to Mom. Soon, I’ll be wishing that I was back in high school, back in college, back in medical school, back in my twenties, my thirties, forties, back in some state of being or another, wishing that time would reverse itself if only for instant–or at least, it will seem like it was soon when it comes.

See that hand? It's about to deliver that orange peel to a very happy mouth.

For now, I’ll take everything that comes to me in stride, one step at a time; and as I look forward towards the immense journey in front of me, it’ll be nice to take those moments to stop, think, relax, perhaps make something time intensive that I’ve never tried making before (see recipe below 😉 ). As I have said before, cherish the moments and people you have now–jump forward when you’re ready.

But for me? Not yet. All in due time.

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